Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft auto hit the market in 2015 as a massive hit due to its previous 4 games. GTA is an open world game that gives you an immersive feeling of being able to do pretty much whatever you like. The Grand Theft Auto series all started with the very first game called The Grand Theft Auto. This was a 2D birds eye view game. You would run around shooting fire balls and stealing cars. The producers of the game where astounded by the rating and reviews they got so they continued the series and ended up going 3D. The Grand Theft Auto 5. The graphics of the game are incredible for a near 3 year old game. The physics are realistic but I found as I kept playing it the game got better and better. The story mode of the game convinces you to feel a certain way about the different characters in the game. It both gives you tremendous freedom to explore an astonishingly well-realised world and tells a story that’s gripping, thrilling, and darkly comic. It is a leap forward in narrative sophistication for the series, and there’s no mechanical element of the game play that hasn’t been improved over Grand Theft Auto IV.

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